CommonApp Fee Waiver Explained and How to Acquire It

Applying to Colleges can be fairly expensive. The average college application fee charged by colleges is around $75. Consider the average application fee and the fact that you will usually apply to 4-8 colleges, you end up spending between $200 and $800 for your college applications. This is not feasible, especially for international students who […]

What Is a CommonApp (High School) Counselor and How Do You Assign Yours

High school students in the US have a high school counselor at their high schools who is responsible for providing their counseling services regarding academic, career, college admission, social and emotional competencies, etc. As an international student, you might be wondering who plays the same role at your high school. Your high school might have […]

List of Colleges in the US that Require No Application Fee

Applying to colleges can be both nerve-wracking and financially exhausting. College application fees can range from $25 to $120 and averaging to about $75. This is expensive considering you will be attending only one college, and the fee that you provide to other colleges will not be refunded to you. When applying to colleges, you’ll […]

US College Application Portals Explained

Application portals are web portals provided by colleges, where you’ve applied, to disperse various information regarding your application/admission. While some colleges will use a common application platform such as the CommonApp or Coalition Application to initially gather your information, most colleges will use their application portals for further processing and providing guidance and instructions. The […]

Complete List of Need-Blind and Need-Aware Colleges and Universities

You might be wondering what’s the difference between a need-blind and a need-aware college. Need-blind colleges are colleges where a student’s ability to pay tuition fees are keyed out in the admissions decision process. This means those colleges will be perusing through your non-financial part of your application—like your personal essay, transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.—when […]

10 Most Generous US College/Universities towards International Students

As an international student, you may have a lot of disadvantages when you’re looking for ways to fund your college education in the US. But do not lose hope, as we have compiled 10 colleges in the US that are most generous towards international students: 1.      Columbia University: Located in the state of […]

5 Mistakes Students Make when Selecting Colleges/Universities

Your college-life could very well be one of the most defining and impactful times in your life. The time you spend there and the people you spend it with shapes you as a person. The major you choose and the jobs that follow after graduation impact your life on a very large scale. So, you […]

How to Shortlist Your College/University Selections

There are around 5,300 colleges in the US. Choosing the right college for you can be quite cumbersome. You definitely cannot apply to all 5,300 colleges! So you need to organize and prioritize your colleges. You can prioritize and organize colleges according to the following guidelines: Understanding Your Needs and Goals: You need to understand […]

Different Types of US Colleges/Universities

US higher educational institutions are of different types. Some higher ed. institutions are big and can accommodate a large number of students, while others are small. Listed below are types of colleges that you’ll come across while college-hunting: Public Colleges: Public colleges are colleges that are funded by the local and state governments. Their tuition […]